As of the legislative change „Bestellerprinzip“ in June 2015 a new smart idea has been developed by Marcin Zielinski and Holger Grüneberg.
Before the legislative change the tenant had to pay a lot of money to the real estate agent to rent a flat. After this change the orderer of the real estate agent had to pay the agent. In most of the cases the orderer is the landlord and he is not willing to pay as much money as the tenant had paid.

This problem has been solved by the company nesthub which has been also co-founded by Berkovich Ventures and Axel Springer Plug and Play.

With nesthub the landlord was able to find the perfect tenant fast and easy by defining criterias as e.g. salary, number of household members ect. which have been matched by the criterias of the applicants. Afterwards the landlord got a clear overview of all candidates sorted by their matching rate (scoring) and was able to manage (invite, decline, accept, delete, write messages to) the applicants just with two clicks.


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